Clock Modder


Clock Modder is a tunable mod board to easily add an LTC1799 chip to a project. Available Pre-Built if you don’t want to mess with SMD Soldering or sourcing the chips!

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Clock Modder is a simple mod board to make putting an LTC1799 mod in your projects super easy! Great for Pitch Bends and other clock mods!

Pre-Built Version:

  • Includes the LTC1799 chip and 100nF capacitor pre-installed, no SMD soldering required!

PCB Features (all versions):

  • Available with headers installed or with open through-hole connectors
  • Default connections already made on board
  • Space for Trim Resistor to fine-tune controls for your application
  • DIV pin pulled to a through-hole lead so you can modify if needed for your project (Grounded by default)


Note: Stock is approximate, I will notify you if parts are needed to complete your order (namely for Pre-Built versions)


Advanced Modifications:

See Manual for full details.

To install the Trim Resistor: cut the trace connecting the two connectors for the resistor and install whatever value resistor you need for your application. This adds a lower limit to the control resistance, preventing the clock from going too high and crashing the device.

To change the DIV setting: cut the trace leading to the DIV connector on the back of the board. Jumper the DIV connector to V+ or leave open to change the value. I have personally never used this feature of the chip or needed to, but wanted to make sure it was still accessible without requiring any SMD soldering.

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