Hamberder Soundscape Mangler


Please read the full description, this is a pretty niche device and I want to make sure you know what you’re getting!

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The Hamberder Soundscape Mangler is a bit of a failed experiment, but if you do a lot of sound design/sampling and want a fun tool for making wacked out lo-fi sounds, it might be for you!

While I originally intended this to be a pedal, it’s output volume is very volatile and doesn’t react well to low input signals at all. So long story short it sounds awful with a guitar, but can be used to interesting effect between two sources of pre-amplification. I can’t really see it being useful outside of a fun studio tool, but whatever your intended use highly recommend making sure you can boost/control volume both in and out.

As such probably won’t make any more of these unless it sells way quicker than I am expecting.

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